History of Psilocybin and the ancient Hindus

Russian archeologists discovered the contents of the holy Soma drink of the vedic scriptures.

The most important part of hinduism has been lost in history the contents of the holy drink called soma. This knowledge was probably lost due to the islamic invasion in the past. The muslims burned all the temples and books they could find with the aim to destroy the history culture and power of the acient hindu people. Soma was so important to the vedic religion that even the gods needed to drink Soma. Even Indra in heaven drank soma. Soma was even said to grant immortality if used in the right way. 

The consumtion of soma by mortals was even a common thing in the past, we can find this in the vedic scriptures. The Rig Veda, was written between 5000 and 500.000 years ago: “We drank soma, we became immortal, we came to the divine light, we found gods.” 

In hinduism there is still talk about soma, but the larger part of the hindus lost the recipe. There are now even many hindus gurus who claim that they can reach enlightenment without soma. This is obviously a false claim, because if even the gods needed soma, why would the gurus on earth be stronger than the hindu gods in heaven and not need soma?

There was a long quest to find the ingredients of soma, sadly most people failed. Some false replacements were given such as cannabis and amanita muscaria. 

Soma archaeologists 

Luckely, Russian archaeologists have solved the puzzle. In the year 2009, the russian archaeologists found a ritual cloth in a mongolian tomb , a Russian-Mongolian expedition from the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) discovered embroidered woollen textiles dating back 2000 years.

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Russia and India a historic friendship

The archaeologists found a carpet composed of several cloths of amber red woollen fabric.’ .

 The old cloth had made a massive journey – the cloth was made in ancient Syria, embroidered in north-western India and ended up in Mongolia. The discovery is a miracle by it self, since the chance of finding it and the cloth surviving all this time was very small.

Natalia V. Polosmak of SB RAS, writes: “Finding it 2000 years later is a pure coincidence; its pristine good condition is almost a miracle. 

The cloth depicts an ancient Aryan ceremony centred around a mushroom. In the middle of the composition, to the left of the altar is the ruler or guru, who is dressed in a beautiful outfit. He is focused on the mushroom in his hands.

Polosmak says the “divine mushroom” resembles the well-known species psilocybe cubensis. “The evidence concludes that soma, the ancient ritual drink, can only be made with the magic mushrooms of the family strophariaceae that contains the unique substance psilocybin.”

Is hinduism actually between 2 million and 500.000 years old, have western scientist been wrong all along? Did civilization begin in India instead of mesopotamia. The evidence is overwhelming in the video below.