We have a decade of Experience and Knowledge about Psilocybin mushrooms and the effects on the brain.

We have done extensive research into how and why Magic Mushrooms have the effect that they have. We have produced a scientific theory that the trip is not only in your head, but that it is external, because you activate your brain 100 % you can perceive more of reality and possibly even other dimensions! This is why magic mushrooms are sacred for our team, because we believe that magic mushrooms can unfold many mysteries in the world.

Our Dedicated Team

Working with our team, you have the highest chance on a calm and relaxing trip. We maintain constant communication and offer proffesional help if required. We also have a medical doctor on site in case of emergency. We keep the experience individual or with your partner or best friends, we dont believe in mass experiences, because it is safer for people to only do this individually or with people they know very well.


Jan Biere

Psilocybin Therapist



Elike Hollink

Psilocybin Therapist



Martijn Brouwer

Psilocybin Therapist


Our Partners